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BrowserBig Fish SimulationCasual 3D Baby
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Take good care of your adorable virtual baby

Help your child develop and increase her attributes

Buy your child new clothes and decorate her room

Have you always wanted a virtual baby of your own? Well, introducing Baby Baby, an adorable virtual baby game that you can play on your browser! In this game, you will get to take care of a cute baby girl. Make sure that her needs are fulfilled, earn coins and buy your child pretty clothes and costumes from the in-game shop.

Baby Baby is a really simple game to learn and play, and this is particularly true after reading the game’s written tutorial. After all, taking care of a virtual baby should be a lot easier than taking care of a real baby... right? Well, you are right to some extent – unlike most actual babies, the child in this game will let you know what she wants or needs through thought bubbles and animations, and from there, you just need to click on the corresponding room to give her what she wants.

There are 7 rooms in total in this game. They include the Dining Room, Bedroom, Toilet, Bathroom, Sick Room, Study Room and Play Room. So, for instance, if the thought bubble displays a ball, then you should click on the Play Room to give her the ball to play with. However, if you see that she’s clutching her stomach and that it’s making that familiar rumbling sound of hunger, then the Dining Room is where you need to direct your child to go to.

However, like most kids though, she doesn’t let you know all of her needs. So, for example, if she’s dirty, she will usually keep silent about it. To know when she needs a bath, you have to click on the baby to pull up the stats sheet and then check the Dirty meter. You’ll want to make sure the meter is filled so she’d be clean. That said, at times, the child will refuse your instructions, and you’ll just have to try again later.

Under the same stats sheet, you’ll also see the child’s attributes, namely Education, Happiness, Joy and Health. These stats are crucial since it doesn’t only show the well-being of your virtual baby; it will also affect her growth and development. If they somehow managed to drop to 0, then you’ll have lost the game.

In addition to taking care of her, you can earn coins while you’re in the game at the rate of 5 coins per hour in-game. You can then spend the coins at the shop to buy your virtual child some adorable clothes and costumes. There are also paints on sale (to redecorate your child’s room) as well as other items like medicine.

One thing that I believe most players would love about this game is the cute baby sounds that the virtual baby makes when you click on her. You can make her run around (some extra exercise never hurt) by clicking twice anywhere in her room. The music in this game is quite alright as well, but since it’s on a loop and that this game is a “somewhat idle” game, you might want to disable the music after some time.

To sum it all up, Baby Baby is a fun and casual virtual baby game that’s not only convenient to play but is also simply adorable! Do give virtual babysitting a try by playing this game today! Baby Baby Summary

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Help your child develop and increase her attributes

Buy your child new clothes and decorate her room
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