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Virtual Baby Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Virtual baby games aren't exactly a popular sub-genre among simulation games and not many people may know about them. In this article, we'll explore what virtual baby games basically are and let you know what you can expect from them. Baby Claps - Virtual Baby Games

In one of the corners of the vast simulation genre is a type of games that not many people know about... and yes, from the title of the article itself, you’ll probably guessed what I’m getting to - I'm talking about virtual baby games.

In these games, players are required to manage every aspect of taking care of an adorable virtual baby. As simple as raising a virtual baby it may seem (since it’s definitely not as difficult as raising an actual baby), there are several features in online baby games that fans of the sub-genre can come to expect, and possibly the most obvious of them all is hygiene.

There are usually several actions you’ll need to do to ensure that your virtual baby’s hygiene in tip-top shape. Aside from changing the dirty diapers to a fresh one, you’ll need to bath the baby and powder him to avoid rashes.

In addition to hygiene, the baby will eventually belt out a loud bawl when he feels the rumble in his tummy – the baby will need to be fed. However, babies are often fickle beings so you might need to spend some time finding out what the baby likes (and will actually eat) and dislikes (and will be throwing the food all over the place). Don’t forget that babies on milk bottles, especially smaller ones, will need to be burped to prevent baby colic.

Taking care of a baby is not all chores and no play though! Most online baby games let you play with the baby and watch their cute antics as they crawl around discovering the virtual world around them. Some even allow you to take “photos” (more like screenshots) or short videos of your little bundle of pride in a game.

Imagine: Babyz gameplay

Although this is not present in most virtual baby games, you may also be faced with some potential dangers that you’ll need to help your baby avoid. After all, being the inquisitive little beings that babies are, it’s not surprising that they will try to put anything into their mouths or grab and pull at anything they are interested in... even though those items can be a choking hazard or the cable connected to a hot electric kettle. It’s your responsibility to make sure no harm comes to your virtual baby.

As most virtual baby games are simulation games, some of them even has the option of playing mini-games or virtually baby-sitting for other people to earn money. The money can then be used to not only buy baby supplies but also to decorate your baby’s room and buy him more toys. There are also some virtual world games, like Second Life, where you’ll be able to learn how to raise a baby with your virtual significant other through role-playing.

Some online baby games even have realistic baby sound effects that will either make you go “aww” when the baby coos or cringe in fear when the baby goes on a full-on tantrum.

Overall, virtual baby games can be pretty fun to play, but it is by no means a foolproof way for young mothers-to-be to learn how to take care of an actual baby – they are often not as realistic enough. However, the games can at least give you an idea of the surmountable challenges of taking care of a virtual baby let along an actual one. By this train of thought, baby games are definitely not only for girls – boys can use the games to learn more about challenges of raising a baby as well.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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