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2048: Help Your Baby Fall in Love with Numbers

Rate this Article Looking to have your kids love numbers? Sure, it can be a bit tricky, but with 2048, you’ll have a fun and easy time getting it done. Baby Claps - 2048: Help Your Baby Fall in Love with Numbers

Kids, particularly toddlers, are pretty good at picking up simple concepts. They are easily fascinated by sights, sounds, and colorful pictures in books, computers, and television. That said, nurturing this curiosity and willingness to learn new things is crucial. After all, we would want our kids to continuously learn and be open to what the world offers.

One of the most important things kids need to learn how to love is numbers. We can’t underscore the role of math in child development and their future careers. As a form of entertainment, numbers games like 2048 puzzle games are a viable option and something you would want your kids to spend some time in. Why? Well, let’s take a look at some of the most notable reasons:

They’re fun and engrossing

Though they look relatively straightforward, 2048 games are actually pretty fun and addictive. The basic logic of the game is to slide patterns or numbers on four sides of the board, which in turn will merge things similar pieces together. For example, if you swipe or press the left keyboard button, all pieces will move to the left with similar ones, like 4x4 and 8x8, merging together to form 8 and 16, respectively. If the board is filled with no possible pieces to merge, then it’s game over.

In the case of kids, these games will surely captivate them and hold their attention. Moreover, as their parent, it’s something you would want to dive into with them. Most 2048 games feature top-score mechanics. In this case, dive into a game with your toddler and have a little friendly competition. Who knows, they may end up “winning.”

They’re a great way to learn math

2048 numbers

In most 2048 games, the numbers are only limited to those which are divisible by two, and the numbers you can merge can only reach up to 2048. Although the numbers are not precisely varied, they’re still a great way to help kids learn math in a fun and non-tedious manner. For example, the game can teach them basic addition in small numbers and more complex ones as they get far into the game.

Apart from numbers, they can help in pattern and spatial recognition

Numbers aren’t just the only pieces on the board in 2048. Several game varieties with board pieces depict pizzas, shoes, cupcakes, fruits, and even family members. These games will help kids recognize patterns and images, familiarizing them with various objects and colors that can undoubtedly help with their brain’s overall development. Moreover, such games will also contribute to their spatial recognition development. By moving pieces around the board, they can estimate the spaces.

2048 cupcakes

It can help them socialize

Although most 2048 games are single-player experiences, they can be used as a shared one, especially if you play with your toddler. There are many websites like 204games that offer a large variety of browser and mobile-compatible 2048 experiences that you and your kids will undoubtedly love. So start playing today, and help your kids fall in love with numbers.

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